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Educational Trip for class 9th to ETIKOPPAKA

The students of class 9th went to Etikoppaka Wooden toy carving cottage industry on 09.12.2017. They were given an insight on how natural colours are used and how skillfully the soft wood is carved.

226 students and 12 teachers had a wonderful experience of learning about the detailed process of Etikoppaka toy making right from the collection of wood to the final product.This visit helped in identifying dye bearing plant species, conservation, plantation and protection of our biodiversity. It also emphasized on the traditions of making vegetable dyes development of new tools, techniques and methods for increasing shelf life of the dyes and vegetable dying on fabrics even. Students learnt   that these natural dyes are lead free and can be mixed with lacquer and do not require any binding material such as titanium dioxide. Few natural dyes like the seeds of Bixa Orellana, Turmeric, Amala, Soapnuts, Lac, Ankudu wood were also displayed. It was indeed a very rich experience for the young minds.