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National Young Environmentalists Conference-17

National Bal Bhavan has conducted a three day National Young Environmentalists Conference-17 from December 19th to 21st  at Children’s arena, Siripuram, Visakhapatnam.

Children all over the Nation representing 18 states  have participated and Little Angels had the privilege to be a part of the programme.  Two of our IX students Md.Zubair and Ch.Himanshu presented two projects on Reduce, Reuse  and Recycle.  The projects are as follows

    1)Reusing of plastic sheet  as a paper and avoid deforestation.

    2)Green vehicle-reducing  CO2 (Carbon dioxide) emission from car by incorporating blue green algae.

P.Sriram Prasad, V.Jagathosya  and  S.P.S.V. Pramod Krishna of IX class also participated in the conference along with teacher guide Dr.M.Sridevi.

Day 1: The conference was headed by Prof.K.Kameswara Rao, A.U. Environment department followed by Lectures given by Bhavana and Jogi Naidu.   The  inputs of day 1  were to sensitize children about sanitation, health, environmental degradation, social & educational problems of our Country.   Children should  have self reliant mind  and visionary to become change makers.  Change should be in our mindset and readiness to accept traditional culture once again.  Number of activities like poster presentation, slogan writing, concept and action plan were also conducted.

Day 2:  Adari Kishore Kumar motivated the children about having clean toilets,  clean roads, clean  society .  one should remove the dangerous myth- Alone we cannot make a difference.  It is not the things but the perception of things that matters.  Cleanliness should be taught and practised at our home itself .  Swachata was the theme of the conference,  which means keeping things in right order.  Realization with implementation leads to transformation.

Day 3: Ended with a valedictory  function by Certificate Presentation.  Preeti Vohra & Asha Bhatacharya, members of National  Bal Bhavan, Delhi, appraised our students’ projects saying already Little Angels  has made the change by bringing  projects on Reduce and Reuse. 

Change makers are chain beginners so lets start where - you are, Use what - you have, Do what- you can.

We are proud to have 5 student environmentalists in our school who really can be the change chain makers.