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The All India SD/JD Trekking expedition was held at NCC Nagar, S.V. University campus from 12th, December to 19th, December, 2017 by the NCC group, Tirupati.

This was a golden opportunity given to 485 Cadets and 15 ANOs all over India.  We were lucky enough to get the invitation to participate in it.

The Team Comprising of Mr. M.Apparao,  ANO, M.Ajay Sarma (JD), S. Bhavesh Sai(JD) had an enriching experience throughout  the programme, and they covered the following places as part of their trek

Alipiri – Tirumala – Srivari Mettulu,    S.V. Agricultural College   &  S V Z00 Park S.V. Agricultural College to Regional Science Centre, Tirupati,     S.V. Agricultural college & Goshala , Covering 12Kms each day.

This gave an exposure to the local history, flora and fauna of Tirupati.  Besides, it was a cultural exchange programme for the cadets in a carefree environment.  The cadets had a regular drill, roll call, parade sessions and dispersal.   Cadets felt that it was a wonderful and memorable experience.