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Little Angels School celebrated Sankranti and Lohri as a part of Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Programme on 6th January, 2018 (Saturday) to promote the idea that India with diversity gets united under the canopy of one nation.

Sankranti and Lohri, the harvest festivals of Andhra Pradesh and Punjab imbibed exuberance and fanfare.  Everyone were totally engrossed in the festive spirit.  The celebration started with prayers and songs which immersed the audience into rich cultural folklore.  Children had energetic time as they danced around the holy bonfire and offered prayers for prosperity of the nation.  Foot tapping dance performances were given by the students representing rich folklore.  A sky touching fun with kite flying, filled everyone with joy, thrill and inspiration.  The students compered the programme to spread awareness about the festivals.  Haridasu, Gangiredhu, Bhogipallu, Gobbemmalu and Bommala Koluvu, Phulkari, 5 Ks, Charkha were the rich ethnic culture which fills one’s heart with pride for being an Andhra and a Punjabi respectively.

Indigenous dishes of both the states were given importance through a display.  Students were traditionally dressed, which pleased the eyes with a colourful sight.  The Founder Chairman, Secretary & Correspondent  Sri. M. Venu Mohan and the Heads conveyed their warm wishes to everyone.  The whole school had a festive look and left a long lasting impact on the essence of celebrating festivals.  It was well attended by parents and other well wishers.