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Visit Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR - 29th January, 2018

Space has always fascinated man since ancient times.  New discoveries and inventions to study space have been going on for a long time and it is been carried out with gusto today.  India is playing a very important role today in the development of space technology through the Indian Space Research Organisation.  ISRO has sent many rockets to space to get a better insight of earth and other celestial bodies in the universe and Sriharikota has been a pillar of support to ISRO in launching rockets.  It is one of the best known spaceports of the world today.

Little Angels School has organized a trip to Sriharikota for the students of Class 10th in the month of January.

The students along with teachers had an opportunity to visit Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR on 29th January.

They had exhilarating and knowledge filled journey throughout their visit to the SHAR Centre.  The students were guided by the special guide appointed for the group and before visiting different places, they had a short documentary film to explain the facilities at SHAR and the launching pads.

The students visited first launch pad which has a Mobile Service Tower where the Rocket is assembled on the launch pad itself.  It is mostly used for PSLV rockets.  They were excited to see the place from where world record breaking 104 satellites were launched recently.  The second launch pad is used to launch GSLV.  GSLV MARK-III and PSLV Satellites.  It is a multipurpose launch pad.  The mission control centre situated 14 km away from launch pads mesmerized students and made them feel that one day they should be working with ISRO for the country.  The space museum had given them insight about ISRO and the space in general.  They were excited to see different models of rockets.

The students visited Nelapattu Bird sanctuary, later to see that 90,000 birds visit the place every year.  They were awestruck seeing the greenery of the bird sanctuary and thousands of birds moving around made them exhibit their photography skills. 

This trip was a memorable one which made every child feel proud to be an Indian.