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National Science Day Celebrations

On the 28th of February, 2018 the Department of Science celebrated National Science Day to honour the recognition given to Sir C.V. Raman for the discovery of ‘Raman Effect’.

The day’s proceedings began with the students doing extraordinary presentations on the importance of Science like short film on C.V. Raman, launching of PSLV, short play on the theme “Save tree”, Power Point Presentation on a visit to Sriharikota and how science policy is carried out in our school.

Science fiction movie “Space Buddies” was shown to 6th class students to make the child think, wonder and know the difference between fantasy & real world.

Many stalls on different themes like ‘Food Resources’, ‘Conservation of Natural Resources’, ‘Food & diseases’, ‘Swacch Bharat’ were set up to arouse awareness regarding these themes.

To show case the capacity building activities and the master pieces of young angels, classroom events have been organized by the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th students.

Many charts and models based on the themes “Save our previous Natural Resources” has been displayed in the Science Laboratory.  A movie based on science ‘Space Buddies’ was organized in the auditorium for students of Class 6th.  It was an inspiring and entertainment movie for the budding scientist of our school and endeavor to promote scientific attitude among the students, children has enjoyed the movie with holding patience and discipline.

A workshop on “Pottery making’ has been organized for classes 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th thus giving the child a chance to learn the skills as how to create, explore and grow.

To encourage scientific thinking and promote better understanding of concepts of science, the students of classes 1st to 5th were involved in activities such as role play, one-minute talk on science related topics, skits etc.  The Little Champs organized an exhibition displaying a variety models and charts apart from class room activities.

Every person who was part of this event was touched by the spirit of science.  The environment was buzzing with activities leading to an awareness as how science can be best to share our strength.