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Mrs. Anjali a famous nutritionist enlightened the minds of ours Little Angels School fraternity regarding planned diet, well being of children and health consciousness.

A balanced diet along with physical exercise in schools for adolescents especially helps in muscular development, improved cognition skills and perfect growth.

I. Emphasis was given on the various important macro and micro nutrients which can be planned for a short break time like:

 1. Traditional foods.  (idly, dosa)

            2. Essential fats (nuts & seeds)

            3. Calcium

            4. Iron (Dates, green leafy vegetables)

            5. Vitamin A & C

II.         Importance of seasonal fruits to fulfill our deficiencies.

III.       To educate children about label reading as an activity it can be done.

IV.       To be aware of how to avoid excess nutrients like:

            1. Carbohydrate intake

            2. Saturated fats – packed food

            3. High intake of sugar

            4. Salt – excess – salt can be flushed out by drinking excess water.

Tips (recommended to overcome various problems through a proper balanced diet)

 1.To overcome obesity and hair fall at a very young age by taking fruits and nuts at regular intervals in schools.

2. The diet should be planned for every 3 – 3 ½ hrs. gap to regenerate fuel in the body. (solids)

3. To grow an organic garden at home to develop relationship between the child and vegetables which  curtails the choicest nature of child.        

 4. To give a plan of diet especially during picnics in order to meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements of body nutrients.

5.  To soak and prepare batter for idly, dosa with flax seeds.

The session was informative, brain storming, along with practical inputs taught to a mother and teacher.

                                                            “Eat Smart -- Be Smart”