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KIDS DAY OUT-04.08.2018

Picnics are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons.  This is why we organize regular picnic for students.  on the 4th of August, the 5th class students had a great learning experience through the picnic to the Central Park.  This was the most awaited day for the students.  The lush green surrounding gave a warm welcome to the students at the central park.   The students were extremely excited seeing the Bonsai gardens and played under the shades of huge trees to the fullest.  The most enjoyable time was in the play area with the swings,    slides,  see-saw and merry go round.  Children enjoyed until they were tired.  After a tiring day out they headed to the school.  It was a sound and safe trip.  It was a great day for all the students and teachers as it strengthened the bond between each other.  It was a fun filled break from their hectic schedule.