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Student Testimonials :

   I was in my fifth grade when I joined Little Angels and after six years of journey I learnt many things.The main aim of our school is to give practical knowledge in all possible aspects and I'm really happy that there is no rote learning process in the curriculum.Teachers of Little Angels are highly qualified and they always guide students in such a way that they will surely reach the pinnacle of success.Little Angels concentrates on the holistic development of students and it inculcates leadership skills and team spirit in students by conducting various group activities.The picnics,educational trips and excursions organised every year help in enhancing the intellectual development of students.Various tournments in sports enhance the physical strength of students and yoga classes develop the mental strength of students.As a whole, being a student of Little Angels seems like a boon to me and I'm immensely grateful to my school for all the support it has lent in all these six years and I'm absolutely proud to be a Little Angelite.   
Sai Gayatri Adhikari
(Batch of 2019-2020)
   My journey in LAS has been one of the best phase in my life.I joined this School in 5th grade. I would whole-heartedly like to thank the management and the entire staff for the support they have been giving us through the entire schooling years.I feel really fortunate to be a part of the institute where the teachers were always ready to help us instantly and the management has provided us with the best facilities. You have showed us the world outside the books which students are usually confined to by organizing various quiz programmes, sports event, and many other competitions. It was due to the management and the atmosphere over there and the support from all teachers that I was able to pass my board exams with flying colours! Thank you once again Sir and respected Teachers. Bhoomi Chandak 10-B(2019-2020)   
Bhoomi Chandak
( Batch of 2019-2020)
   "THE BEST PROJECT YOU WILL EVER WORK ON IS YOU". This quote given on our school diary made my project called "THE SCHOOLING" the best one. The best part about my school is our Teachers. They were the ones who brought the best in me. Library made me to learn how life is . One thing I can proudly say is my primary teachers taught me how to face school life and my secondary teachers taught me how to face the life in the real world. In this practical world we don't believe anything without a proof and this was possible only through the Math, Science and Computer labs. The best part is our ground!! I really love it. The most important things that made my schooling complete were extra curricular activities and the opportunity to participate in every cultural program . BEING A VIZAGITE I never visited araku but my tenth class school trip made it possible. The educational trips and picnics made our learning more fun filled.MILLE FOIS MERCI ( thanks a million in french) to my school for making my schooling the most memorable , special and knowledge filled one. Thank you Little Angels.   
Pranathi Mattaparthy
(Batch of 2019-2020)
   I am K.Yogesh of 10 C( 2019-2020) batch . I would like to express my deep gratitude to the school for providing the students all the facilities which are needed and I also thank the school for providing the best faculty. The aim of our school is the overall development of a child in each and every aspect. I also appreciate the mounds of work which all the school staff did to make us successful.I am glad to have labs on various disciplines.Thank you to the management and our Correspondent Venu Mohan Sir for creating a fun and safe educational environment for us in the school.   
Yogesh Kadamati
(Batch of 2019-2020)
   Little Angels School is the best school in Vizag. It promotes holistic development of the students. The teachers are top-notch and the facilities are also great. The students learn theory and practicals. The school arranges educational trips and picnics too. The school has given me two very good years of schooling and i will always be grateful for that. Vyahruti Prakya.   
Vyahruti Prakya