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Admission into classes L.K.G to 9th is governed by the following rules :

  • For admission into kindergarten classes, children should satisfy age rules (3+ for L.K.G, 4+ for U.K.G by 31st March of the current academic year) .Submission of date of birth certificate and blood group report  is a must.
  • For admission into regular school from classes Ist to 9th, children should satisfy age rules( 5+ for I std, 6+ for II std by 31st March of the current academic year) and so on for other classes. Study in an English medium and a recognized school is compulsory.
  • Transfer certificate and marks-cum-promotion certificate are to be submitted.

  • No admission shall be taken in class 10th directly from students who have studied and completed 9th class from other boards. However admission to Class 10th in the school shall be open only to a student, who has completed a regular course of study of class 9th & who has passed class 9th examination from an institution affiliated to the same board.
  • Admission to class 10 is subject to the submission of all the relevant documents as the case may be and also the approval of the Board as per the circular no. COORD/SO(Ptg)/LOC/2019 dated 05.04.2019.
  • NOTE:

    The admissions are subject to vacancy and merit. Prescribed languages of the school must have been studied by the students.The decision of the school with regard to admissions is final and is also binding on the parent.