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"Science is the knowledge of consequences and dependence of one fact upon another." - Thomas Hobbes

  • The journey of a discovery begins with questions like why and how and we, at Little Angels, encourage this spirit of inquiry. We believe that young minds have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and therefore, we strive towards satisfying their curiosity to know new things.
  • Science club at Little Angels School was inaugurated on 1st July, 2010. Students involve themselves in interesting and innovative activities and come up with new ways of learning science.

    Aims and Objectives of Science Club:

  • To create interest in scientific facts and events related to the surroundings.
  • To develop in the students, interest and participation in the practical application of knowledge related to branches of science..
  • To develop training in scientific method of problem solving.
  • To create interest and awareness in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to help students get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.
  • To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative and inventive faculties of the students.
  • To provide opportunities for bringing the school close to the society and to acquaint people with the services and contribution of science in their lives.
  • Activities planned by the SCIENCE CLUB for the academic year 2023-24:






    Date of conduct of the Event


    Activities planned








    Day-1- Special Assembly programme will be conducted to bring awareness about the importance of plantation of trees.

    Day 2- Students will be informed to develop a sapling (rose,money plant, medicinal plant etc) in the month of April and asked to donate to the school garden as a part of Vanamahotsava.

    Day 3- Poster making and poem writing competitions.


    Ganesh Chaturthi

    1.Demonstration of immersion of idol in the school assembly.

    2.Creating awareness about usage of eco-friendly colours in the preparation of idols (conversation in the assembly)

    3.Distribution of idols to steel plant officials and agro-forestry department (with prior permission)

    4.DIY eco-friendly ganesh idol making competition for classes 6 to 10 (using vegetables, fruits, pulses leaves, coconut shells etc.




    National Nutrition Week

    1. Special awareness programme will be conducted in the assembly about importance of taking balanced diet.
    2. Children will bring protein rich food for their lunch.
    3. Children will bring food rich in minerals, vitamins and fibre
    4. Power point presentation on healthy diet and healthy lifestyle


    Green Consumer Day

    1. Making cloth bags in SEWA programme by Little Greens Club members (to be sold on PTI -2 day)
    2. Awareness rally to sector-2 shopping complex.



    1. Diya decoration for fund raising
    2. Awareness about celebrating safe Diwali. (Do’s and Don’ts)





    Energy Conservation Day

    1. Plug out for 20 minutes in the school
    2. Display


    National Bird Day

    1. Rally to create awareness to be a part of protecting bird life.
    2. Students will make bird feeders and distribute them in the nearby township and ask them to provide water and grains to the birds.


    Little Greens Club Formation Day

    1. Skit on conservation of environment (Awareness programme)





    Earth Day

    1. Article reading
    2. Posters to be displayed in class display boards