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"Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings." - Walt Disney

We as Indians, have the supreme duty of safeguarding our rich culture and heritage that has been passed on to us from centuries. As important as it is to safeguard our heritage, it is equally important to pass on the legacy to the younger generations.

Aims and Objectives of Social Studies Club:

To acquaint the child with his past and present geographical and social environment. To enable children to appreciate India’s rich cultural heritage. To teach religious tolerance. To build intelligent democratic citizenship. To help the child acquire the knowledge, understanding, attitude, experience and competence which he needs in the interaction with social and physical environment. To foster the feeling of nationality. To promote international and global understanding.

Activities planned by ‘VIRASAT’ - SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB for the academic year 2023-24 :

Date of conduct of the Event


Activities planned


World Population Day

    1. A rally will be conducted in the nearby sectors of 9 and 10 to bring awareness on increasing population and its effect on the development of the country. Special classroom assembly in which children present an article on increase in population- Advantages and Disadvantages.


Gandhi Jayanthi

    Special outdoor assembly will be conducted in which children will present an article , a patriotic song, monologue of Gandhiji and quotes by Gandhiji. Floral tributes to be offered to Gandhiji.


National Integration Day

    A special assembly in which children will be presenting an article, special pledge and a skit. Floral tributes to be offered to Smt.Indira Gandhi


Kisan Diwas

    1. Field Trip (selected students of Virasat club will be taken to the Parawada village fields) Special article will be presented in the assembly




Tourism Week

  1. 22.01.2024: Quiz on the impact of tourism and important tourist places in India.
  2. 23.01.2024: a) Essay writing on the Impact of Tourism on the Nation’s Economy

                    b)Logo Designing for Tourism.

  1. 24.01.2024: Drawing/painting and poster making on ‘Travel and Tour’
  2. 25.01.2024: Special Article reading in the assembly and a short play on tourism.
  3. 26.01.2024: Display of capturing nostalgic moments and stories related to famous tourist spots.


Martyr’s Day

  Special assembly in which floral tributes to be paid to Gandhiji and children present an article on the  efforts and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, quotes by freedom fighters and a patriotic song in Telugu.