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National Science Day was celebrated in the school on a grand scale. The day began with a special assembly. The Headmistress Mrs.Arundhati, Science teachers and Student Council Members offered floral tributes to the portrait of Sir C.V.Raman. Students spoke about the importance of the day and the subject.

The Children of classes I to 10 participated actively in the celebrations. Projects were prepared by the children and demonstrated by them. They concentrated on various themes like Pollution, Energy resources, Nutrition, Natural phenomena, etc. Many projects based on various Physics principles were also demonstrated. Sewage treatment plant, Hydraulic crane, Vacuum cleaner, Fire alarm , etc were a part of the show in the  Secondary section. The children of primary showed great enthusiasm in explaining many natural phenomena like Water cycle, Seed germination, Solar system, various life cycles, etc.     

Children also spoke about various scientists and their contribution during the programme. They also discussed about the positive and negative impact of science. Science poems were a part of the programme.

The programme was a wonderful platform for the children to learn various principles of science and also helped to induce scientific temper in them.