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"Medicines can cure, 

 but a good Doctor's

inspirational words

can give the strength 

to fight from within...... "

Doctors’ Day was celebrated on 1st July, the birth anniversary of Dr. B.C.Roy, a renowned physician whose services to the poor and the downtrodden are unforgettable. On this day we show reverence to the medical fraternity.

To mark the occasion Dr. Aasa Sowmya, an alumnus of the school visited the school and enlightened the students about the reasons and effects of stress on teenagers as well as adults. She also suggested ways of coping with stress and managing stress through an interesting, lively and informative PowerPoint Presentation.

Members of the student council visited the Visakha Steel General Hospital and wished the doctors on this day and thanked them for their unconditional dedication and hard work for the well being of the community.