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The Field Trip to Arogyavanam at Sector-2, Steel Plant Township, Ukkunagaram, was planned on 20.08.19 for the students of class 8. The main idea of the field visit was to show the students the vermicomposting unit and its importance in the field of Agriculture.

Vermicompost is the most promising high-value biofertilizer which not only increases the plant growth and productivity by nutrient supply but also is cost-effective and pollution-free.

This visit thus gave the students an opportunity to see the vermicomposting unit and also gained knowledge how vermicomposting is being practiced by the Agroforestry department of RINL, Visakhapatnam.

Different questions were raised by the students and clarified by the concerned authorities. Students were very much impressed when they saw the different plants, seed beds & stem- cutting beds in the Arogyavanam.