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“Charity begins at home”.

On August 26th the Little Angels celebrated the Formation Day of Vatsalya (Charity) Club. All the members of the club along with the Principal and the Headmistress lit candles infront of the portrait of the Mother Teresa. The choir presented a song during the assembly. Quotes by Mother Teresa were readout to motivate the children towards social service. After the morning assembly, students visited the old age home - Missionaries of charity, Home of the Dying Destitute, Nirmal Hriday Bhavan at Gnanapuram. Students presented various cultural programmes to entertain the old people. The head sister of the old age home addressed the students. All the Vatsalya club members donated the provisions collected from the little angels in the school, to the management of the old age home. This was a small part of the contribution towards our social responsibility.