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RE-OPENING DAY (2022-23)

"Education is not the

learning of many facts

but the training of the

mind to think."

                           -Albert Einstein

After two years of blended learning due to the covid pandemic, the platform of Little Angels once again became vibrant with new hopes and rejuvenating dreams when students reported to school after the summer vacation.

A new day signifies a new beginning.

Little Angels School, Ukkunagaram, re-opened on 15th June 2022 for the students of secondary classes and on 16th June 2022 for UKG and primary classes, with new aspirations and fresh vibes. The students were greeted by the teachers and they were all smiles on their gleaming faces after a long summer break.

The school opened on 20th June 2022 for the students of Lower Kinder Garten. The tiny tots were greeted wholeheartedly with jubilation and affection.

The school follows all the covid protocols keeping in mind the present scenario and also as a precaution to protect the students, staff, their families and the community from the corona virus.