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“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”

Bhagawad Geeta


Janmashtami- Celebrating the first earthly appearance or the birth of Lord Krishna- was observed on 18th August 2022 in the school premises.

The programme began with a sloka- dedicated to Lord Krishna seeking the Lord’s blessings for wisdom and higher intellect.

The article on the birth and the miracles performed by Lord Krishna was truly enlightening.

A classical dance depicting the life and playful activities of Lord Krishna was performed by the students. The echo of the soulful song and music was extremely spell binding. Tiny tots dressed up as Little Krishna and Gopikas put up colourful and delightful appearances enthralling all present with their captivating smiles and naively delivered dialogues. A mesmerising air of innocence, devotion and insight prevailed during the whole programme.

A heartening and educative message was shared by the Head Mistress Mrs. Arundhati, detailing the significance of the festival and practicality of imbibing the values demonstrated by Lord Krishna.