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“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world”-Nelson Mandela

“Each and every individual has the right to Literacy and Education”

International Literacy Day was celebrated by the English Club ‘Alphabet’ on 8th September 2022, in an outdoor assembly. Students displayed quotes and information on Literacy & its importance in the Display Board. A conversation was presented to bring awareness to mark the importance of Literacy. Dance was performed by the Primary students depicting the necessity to read and write. Quotes on Literacy Day were presented to enlighten the young minds. A melodious song was rendered by the students of secondary classes to understand the urge of continuous learning wherever they are. Principal Smt. Visalakshi madam, in her speech advised the students to make use of the class library, word walls put up in the classrooms to improve their knowledge and participate in assembly programmes to improve their listening and speaking competencies. She also gave suggestions to improve their listening, speaking competencies and communication skills, on this occasion. The Art Club ‘Splash’ presented an article on the occasion of the ‘Birth Anniversary’ of Sri Vaddadi Papaiah, a renowned Artist and writer. The programme ended by proposing the vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.
“Let us remember: One book, One pen, One child and One teacher can change the world”.

                                         -Malala Yousufzai