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“The older I grow, the more I realise that my mother is the best

 “Best Friend” that I ever had”

Little Angels School, Ukkunagaram celebrated “Mommy’s Day’ at school on the 3rd of September. The day was celebrated by the tiny tots of Kinder Garten with lot of pomp and jubilation. The great day is honoured to commemorate the existence of mothers and their significance in people’s lives. The beautiful and unparalleled bond of love shared between children and their mothers is honoured and celebrated on this day.

The programme began with a welcome dance by the tiny tots of LKG. Their little hands and feet swayed in joy to the rhythmic beat of the song. The moms were all smiles to see their budding stars greeting them with their giggles and shakes.

The tiny tots of UKG rocked the show with a special dance performance. The cute mommies showcased their talents and made the event dazzling and vibrant.

 An exclusive game ‘Mom and Me’ was organised to give a spark to the wonderful event. Various games were organised for the super moms along with surprise gifts.

The super moms expressed their gratitude towards the teachers for showcasing such a gala event. They appreciated the Management for organising such a wonderful programme in the school as the moms got a special day to enjoy and have fun with their little ones.