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To Nourish is to Flourish

National Nutrition Week was celebrated from September 1st to 7th for classes 1 to 10 to highlight the importance of having a balanced diet. This week-long programme was conducted to educate the students on the importance of a nutrition-rich diet.

A balanced diet can help students increase energy levels, promote a functioning immune system and increase concentration and performance in school.

Day 1: Students of classes 1-5 decorated a plate creatively with all the required nutrients for a balanced diet. Students of classes 6-8 prepared a diet chart and were explained about the importance of preparing a diet chart.

Day 2: All the students of classes 1-10 brought protein-rich food for their lunch.

Day 3: All students of classes 1-10 brough fruit salad, vegetable salad, nuts, sprouts dates etc in their snacks box.

Day 4: “My Sprouting Jar” activity was conducted for classes 1 to 3. Students brought sprouts made of various seeds and displayed in the classroom.

Importance of including sprouts in the diet we explained to the students.

Collage making competition was conducted for classes 4 & 5, where collage of different food pictures and paper cuttings was made.

Nutrition Quiz was conducted for classes 6 to 10 to test student knowledge of nutrition. All the students actively participated the quiz thus showing the importance of knowing food facts.

Day 5: A video was prepared by the students of classes 9 & 10 on balanced diet.

Through these activities, the students were encouraged to balance their nutritional intake through proper diet.

“Eat right, Future bright”