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Fit India Quiz (2023-24)

Fit India Quiz (2023-24)

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at”

Bruce Lee

In order to propagate the message of ‘Fit India movement’ among the school children and strengthen its presence in schools, a ‘Fit India Quiz’ has been envisioned to involve school children across the country. This programme provides a unique platform to school students from every noon and corner of the country to showcase their knowledge in sports and fitness.

The platform of Little Angels has always provided its students with a healthy and fairly competitive environment to help them grow in every sphere of activity, be it academics, sports or any other extra-curricular role. The school gives equal opportunity to all the students, so that they realize their true potential and get ready to face the outer world.

P.Sai Teja and P.Bharat Kumar the two talented and stupendous students of class 10 participated in the ‘Fit India Quiz’ competition. They successfully completed all the four round and were selected as the champions in the state level. It was a proud moment to cherish as they truly deserve to be champions and will be an inspiration and motivation to their peers. The two winning champions will be participating in the national level ‘Fit India Quiz’.

Hats off! To both the marcels of Little Angels. All the best for their future endeavors!!