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‘Ask the right questions and nature will open the doors to her secrets'.

                                                                                               - Sir C.V.Raman

Children of the school celebrated National Science Day on February 28th 2018 with lot of enthusiasm. Children of every class started the celebrations in their class with an article on Sir C.V.Raman and the importance of the day. Many events like Quiz, Seminar, Debate etc. were organised by the children of secondary classes. Children of primary and secondary classes prepared and demonstrated the working of several models like Drip Irrigation, Water Level Indicator, Eco-Air cooler, Battery Car, etc. Informative articles related to the subject were also displayed throughout the school.

The Director Mrs.Ranganayaki, the Principal Mrs.Visalakshi and the HM Mrs.Arundhati visited the classes during the programme and encouraged the children to participate in the celebrations in large numbers in the coming academic year.