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‘A physician is the most ingenious inspirer of hope’.

National Doctors’ Day, which is celebrated on 1st July all across India to honour the medical profession, was celebrated on 30th June, 1st July being Sunday.

To mark the occasion, Dr M.Akhila, an alumna of the school visited the school and enlightened the students about the adverse effects of electronic devices on students through an interesting, lively and informative PowerPoint  Presentation. Dr Akhila told that overuse of electronic gadgets like smart phones and computers can cause back pain and weak eyesight among children. She also spoke about the benefits of effectively balancing academics and extra-curricular activities.

School Director Smt M.Ranganayaki appreciated Dr Akhila’s presentation.

Members of the student council visited Visakha Steel General Hospital and wished the doctors on this day for their unconditional dedication and hard work for the well-being of the community.