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 'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’.

On 8th August the new student council was sworn in the Investiture Ceremony which signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers.

The young leaders marched elegantly to the dais and were badged by school the Director Smt M.Rnaganayaki. They took an oath to discharge their duties with utmost sincerity. They also shared their experiences and what they learnt while serving as Additional Vice Captains and Vice Captains.

The school Director Smt M.Ranganayaki congratulated the leaders and exhorted them to upload the values of the school. She also reminded them that leadership is not about glorious crowning acts;  it is bringing out a positive change in oneself and in the people around us.

The event concluded with the National Anthem.

S.No. Image of the student Impression of the student

School Captain Boys: B.Hitesh Reddy, Class 10 B

As the school Vice Captain, I have tried to reinforce various activities in the school for incorporating various skills in my fellow students. I have learnt when to be impulsive and when to be vigilant. I feel honoured and privileged for holding such a reputable and responsible post and I always strive hard to upload it.


School Captain Girls: R.Tejaswi, Class 10 A

I believe that a leader doesn’t create followers …. he creates more leaders!! Before I became a leader, I used to think that a leader should walk in front of a group. But after I became a leader, I understood that a leader should lead others from the back!!


Red House Captain Girls: G.Lahari, 10 B

Being a leader is not a position for me. It is the chance to prove myself. I learnt many crucial lessons being a leader in the past two years. I learnt to ‘lead by example and learn through experience’.

Yellow House Captain Girls : Y. Nikhila, Class 10B

As Yellow House Additional Vice Captain and Vice captain I tried to do every task assigned to me with perfection and did my best to include my fellow students in every activity.


School Sports Captain: D. Asha Rani, Class 10 A

I learnt to be patient and responsible for the tasks assigned to me as Additional Sports Vice- Captain and Sports Vice-Captain.


Blue House Captain Girls: L. Kusuma, Class 10 A

I gained self confidence and learnt to deal with various situations tactfully in the last two years as Additional Blue House Vice-Captain Girls.

School Vice-Captain Girls : K. Sumitha, Class 9A

As an Additional School Vice-Captain I got to know my confidence, ability to manage things and my problem solving skills. I developed a sense of responsibility and discovered how much I am capable of .


School Vice-Captain Boys: K.Mohit, Class 9A

Being a member of Student Council as Additional School Vice-Captain has taught me the leadership qualities and what sincerity refers to.


Blue House Vice-Captain Girls: S.Sravika, Class 9A

It was a great opportunity as well as a challenge to prove myself as an Additional Blue House Vice-Captain. I learnt to manage my studies as well as other activities.