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World Vegetarian Day was celebrated by the Science club of our school on 28th September, 2018 as Term examinations will start on 1st October (which is World Vegetarian Day).

The Little Kiddies of Kindergarten put up a spectacular show. ‘Fresh Veggie Day’ to educate their friends about the importance of vegetables.

Kids dressed in vegetable attire, described the value of vegetables. Students of LKG presented a dance on vegetables.

To make the day more delightful, a competition was conducted where the little kids identified the vegetables and coloured the same.

Parents were invited to witness the programme. Vegetable Salad was served to the parents and kids. Headmistress Smt.Arundhati addressed the parents and kids and advised them about the value and importance of eating vegetables. Parents thanked the teachers and expressed their gratitude for showcasing such a colourful programme by the little kids.

The children of classes 1 and 2 dressed up like vegetables and spoke about their importance.

The children of classes 3 to 7 brought exclusively vegetarian food for lunch. They ate together in groups depending on the highest nutrient contents in their diet (Carbohydrate, protein etc) and enjoyed their afternoon meal.

They spoke about the importance of different vegetables and fruits in their respective Science classes. Children of classes 8, 9 and 10 gave a PowerPoint presentations about various categories of the vegetarian food, its sources, its importance and its advantages over eating non-vegetarian food.