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The fee should be paid on monthly, quarterly / half-yearly / annual basis on or before the fifth day of the month.  In case the fifth day happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be counted as the last day for the acceptance of fees.  In the case of monthly payment, fee for the months of March, April and May must be paid in lump sum before the 5th of March for all the classes from LKG to 9, failing which the students will not be allowed to sit for the Annual Examinations. However fee for the months of February to May for class 10 must be paid in lump sum before 5th of February. Special fee for the second term must be paid with the monthly fee in the month of December. In case Dussehra and Pongal vacations fall in the first week of the month, the fees will be collected in advance. Fees can be paid in cash/cheques. Registration fee for class 9 and Public Examination fee and fee for Migration Certificate for class 10 must be paid on intimation from the school within the stipulated date.


The decision of the management in altering the fee structure will be final.