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"Only the very weak minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry"

The objectives of ALPHABET , the English club are:

To acquaint students with new vocabulary. To enhance public speaking skills. To improve communication skills. To develop Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing(LSRW) skills. To help students get rid of stage fear and develop self-confidence

Activities Done :

Debates, group discussions, elocutions, poetry writing, word building , one- minute talk and many 
activity-oriented programmes are conducted regularly to develop the language skills of the students.

Activities planned by ALPHABET (English) Club for the academic year 2018-19:

Date of conduct of the Event Event Activities planned
12.09.18 Roald Dahl's Birthday
    Students will display the works of Roald Dahl on the Display Board. Conversation about the writer Roald Dahl wiill be conducted through the PA system in the assembly.
26.10.18 Spillathon

Spellings competition (spellathon) for the students of classes 1 to 10.

30.11.18 Mark Twain's Birthday
     Pictorial Story Competition for classes 1 & 2. Story Telling Competition for classes 3 to 5. Quiz Competition for classes 6 to 10.

Charles Dickens' Birthday

(English Day) 

Outdoor Assembly will be conducted wherein the following programmes will be performed by the students:

    Sloka   Prayer  School song A skit  on 'Oliver Twist' for primary classes.  A skit on 'A Christmas Carol' for secondary classes.