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"Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences"

The Mathematics club strives to encourage and enable students to recognize that Mathematics seeps into the world around us.. It helps students appreciate the importance, power and beauty of Mathematics. Children are taught to enjoy Mathematics and develop patience and persistence while solving problems.

Aims and objectives

To help in arousing interest in the subject. To provide an opportunity to develop Mathematical expressions. To help the students to acquaint themselves with the latest knowledge in the subject.

Activities planned by DODECA (Maths Club) for the academic year 2018-19: 

Date of conduct of the Event Event Activities planned
25.10.18 World Statistics Day

Class Assembly will be conducted wherein an article on Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis (Father of Statistics) will be presented.

05.11.18 Birthday of Shakuntala Devi

 Assembly through PA System :

a .Article about the contributions of Shakuntala Devi to the field of Mathematics will be presented.

b. Competitions for various classes:

Classes 1 & 2:  Segregation of shapes. Classes 3 to 5: Identification of shapes and naming them. Classes 6 & 7:  Puzzles on terms related to Mathematics. Classes 8 to 10:  Making a model of a park using the given dimensions(team event).
22.12.18 National Maths Day

1. Outdoor Assembly will be conducted wherein the following programmes will be presented by the students :

a. Article on the importance of Mathematics.
b. Demonstration of talents in Abacus by the students.
c. Vedic maths tricks to be explained by children.

d. Display on the contributions of Indian Mathematicians.