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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

The  club conducts  competitions like  power point presentations, Adversiment making,  creating webpages and quiz competitions etc. to keep the children abreast with latest technology and to make sure the kids have fun doing their projects. Awareness programmes on proper e-mail names and etiquette, how to protect one self in the cyber world etc. are conducted from time to time.

Aims and Objectives of the Club:

To create basic awareness about the vast application of computers in every aspect of day-to-day life. To encourage students to participate in various activities related to computers. To motivate students to update their knowledge about the latest happenings and new inventions in the field of Computer Science. To make the students comprehend their role to spread the important message 'Computer Literacy will become essential in the near future'. To make the students understand how to use social and networking sites in a proper way so that they do not waste their valuable time by getting addicted to the social networking sites.

Activities planned by the Chips & Bytes Club for the academic year 2018-19:

Date of conduct of the Event Event Activities planned
12.07.18 Birthday of Sundar Pichai

An indoor assembly programme will be conducted, where in the following will be presented.

a. An article on life history of  Sundar Pichai. 
b. Poem on computer.

02.12.18 World Computer Literacy Day

An Indoor Assembly programme will be conducted,  where in the following will be presented. 
  a. Amazing facts on latest technology.
  b. An article on the importance of the day.

Competitions for classes 4 to 9:
  a. Label us on computer terminology for class 4.
  b. Digital Painting for class 5.
  c. Cyber Quiz for classes 6 & 7.

  d. Debate on topic 'Social Media - Good or Evil' for classes 8 & 9.