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( For Classes LKG & UKG for the Academic year 2018-19 )

Nature of FEE Amount In Rupees
Admission fee 15,000/-
Annual fee   7,000/-
Educomp. Fee (Smart Class Programme)   2,500/-
Total In Rs. 24,500/-
Student Accessories       575/-
Examination Stationary       200/-
Students Accident Insurance Policy
(TATA-AIG) *Effective from 14.06.2018 i.e.,
for one academic year.
Total In Rs.      910/-
*Tuition Fee for the 1st Month    1,400/-
Grand Total in Rs. 26,810/-


*The next 11 months fee should be paid on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly basis on or before the fifth  day of the first month. In case, the fifth day happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be counted as the last day for the acceptance of fees. In the case of monthly payment, fee for the months of March,April and May must be paid in lump sum before the 5th of March for all the classes from LKG to IX(CBSE)  However fee for the months of February to May for class  X CBSE must be paid in lump sum before 5th of February. Special fee of Rs. 600/- should be paid along with the monthly fee of October. Student Accessories will be issued after the re-opening of the school. Examination Stationary will be issued after Term-I examination. Fee can be paid in cash/Card/Cheques/DD. Fee once paid is not refundable.
First Term Rs. 8000/- to be paid along with the fee at the beginning of the academic year.
Second Term Rs. 8000/- to be paid by 5th of October 2018
If opted One way transport: Rs. 5000/- to be paid per term


Admit pass for school bus will be issued at the time of payment of transport fee Incase of loss of bus admit pass , a fresh pass can be collected from the fee counter by remitting rupees ten. Transport facility for an LKG child may be considered one way (pick up only) on discretion by the Secretary & Correspondent, if the elder child of the same family is also travelling in the same bus.