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National Maths Day was celebrated by the school in the outdoor assembly by the Maths Club – Dodeca. An article was read, focussing on the contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujam to the field of Mathematics. Small poems and songs related to numbers were presented and enjoyed by all. Talent show was put up by the tiny tots. L.Nishant of grade 5 and G.Sarvagna of grade 9 performed additions and multiplications using abacus. P.Ritin of grade 7 arranged Rubics cubes in 1½ minutes. K.Prudhvi Sai of grade 8 calculated the date and the year of birth by simple calculations of Vedic Mathematics.

The school headmistress Mrs.T.Arundhati gave her message on the  occasion.

In one word numbers, mathematical tricks and calculations marked the celebrations.